YouthQuest Highlights: Summer 2021


On the Ranch

Holmes STEM Academy and International Academy of Flint middle school students spent a weekend at Double JJ Ranch Resort on the west side of Michigan. There, they were able to go horseback riding, have fun at a water park and participate in a self-care session. This trip provided students with new experiences they may not have been exposed to otherwise. During the weekend, students learned leadership skills, social and emotional skills and had the opportunity to practice patience and respect toward others.

Eclectic Taste

During July, students at Eisenhower Elementary started each day of program being introduced to different genres of music. Kinya Williams, a day-school teacher partnering with the afterschool program, would play a song along with a video and then share the history behind the song and artist with the students. This not only got students pumped up for the day, it was also a learning opportunity that allowed students to appreciate different types of art.

Have a Field Day

Students at Freeman Elementary celebrated the end of summer program with a mini field day. Students broke off into teams and competed in relay races that included shooting basketballs into inflatable hoops and racing around the gym. Students cheered each other on in the friendly competition and celebrated with a frozen treat after the fun.

Gotta Be Fresh

International Academy of Flint elementary students participated in a nutritional program being piloted by Crim Fit, Flint Fresh and YouthQuest. Flint Fresh provided fresh produce and other foods, which Crim Fit staff used to teach the students how to prepare fresh and healthy recipes. This program helps students learn where their food comes from, how healthy meals are prepared and exposes them to new things.