to success.



For Genesee County students in grades 9-12, TeenQuest is designed to teach important skills needed to get and keep a job.

Summer Youth Initiative (SYI)

The Summer Youth Initiative (SYI) program helps hundreds of qualified teens find employment each year.

Career Prep Workshops

Classroom workshops for middle and high school students to supplement or add to the regular curriculum.

Preparing Youth and adults for
academic and career success. 

We increase the number of students in the career and college pipeline through youth programs like TeenQuest, Summer Youth Initiative, and the Flint Promise. We help employers and business owners improve their operations and provide opportunities for residents to build employment skills.

By building a solid foundation of personal, academic, and career-oriented skills the programs offered through Flint & Genesee Education & Talent prepare the current and future workforce in Flint and Genesee County.

Foundation and Skill Development with TeenQuest

TeenQuest teaches students essential soft skills, work ethics, financial literacy and more. These acquired skills make them job-ready and equipped for life.

Bridging to Real-World Opportunities with SYI

Once students complete the TeenQuest program, they become eligible to participate in the Summer Youth Initiative program. SYI offers TeenQuest graduates the unique opportunity to interview with potential employers from a variety of local businesses and nonprofits. This not only opens the door to summer employment but also allows teens to gain hands-on experience, translating the skills they learned during TeenQuest into real-world application.

Program FAQs


How do you enroll in a program?

Interested teens can apply for the TeenQuest program. Once they have graduated from TeenQuest, they will receive an invite to apply for SYI.


Is there a cost to the programs?

TeenQuest and SYI are both FREE. Career Prep Workshops are available at a low hourly fee paid by the school, but are offered at no cost to the students.


Where is the TeenQuest program held?

TeenQuest is hosted at multiple Genesee County high schools at various times throughout the year. Students do not need to attend school at the host site to participate in TeenQuest.


How long is the TeenQuest program?

The traditional, in-person TeenQuest program is five weeks long and attendance is required Monday-Thursday. Virtual TeenQuest may also be available and will last no longer than five weeks, but may also be offered as shorter, accelerated option.


Is the Summer Youth Initiative (SYI) open to all teens?

SYI is an avenue to help qualified teens who have first completed TeenQuest find a job to not just earn money but gain experience, learn valuable social skills and make connections.


How can my business support teens in the program?

Your business can help guide local teens toward the right career path! Through Flint & Genesee Education & Talent’s Summer Youth Initiative (SYI) program, you can hire area students to work for you at half or less of your normal hiring and employment costs. Not only does this provide a competitive edge for your organization, but the added bonus is also that the students you’re connected with have been well-schooled and are ready to jump into the workplace.