YouthQuest Highlights: September 2020


Dime Drive

At Pierce Elementary, students are participating in a dime drive to raise money for their school. Leading up to the event, in September, students worked on financial literacy skills by playing math and money games. Students also focused on reading and writing by using Mad-Libs to help learn parts of speech and understand storytelling. This prepared them to write letters for their fundraiser.

Get Out and Vote

High school students at Southwestern Classical Academy participated in civic engagement by encouraging people to register to vote in the upcoming election. Most students are not at the legal voting age yet, but they used their voices to encourage family members and other people who are eligible to get out and vote. They learned about the importance of speaking up to help make a change.

Life Finds a Way

In STEM Club at Eisenhower Elementary, students learned how to make their own biosphere using items they have at home. After learning about biospheres, students went out into their own yards and collected items such as rocks, soil and plant life to make their own small ecosystem. Students then hypothesized whether or not their biospheres would grow and are waiting for find out if they were right.

Work on Yourself

At Durant-Tuuri-Mott Elementary, students worked on youth development and leadership. Students participated in social emotional learning activities to help develop self-awareness and manage their emotions. Additionally, YouthQuest staff empowered students to participate in the planning of activities and lessons to help exercise their “Voice and Choice.”


Students and their families came together with YouthQuest staff and community members to celebrate YouthQuest’s 10 year anniversary at the U.S. 23 Digital Drive-In Theater. Attendees were able to meet up while staying socially distanced, eat snacks, celebrate and watch a movie together on the big screen. To kick it off, attendees watched a video that highlighted the last 10 years of YouthQuest. Students, families, staff and community members all appreciated the opportunity to get together and celebrate.

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.