YouthQuest Highlights: September 2019


See, What Happened Was…

Students at Flint Junior High took time to have an open conversation with each other about what concerns them throughout the day. Then students used mindfulness techniques and activities to help process their day.

Clean Up After Yourself

At Freeman Elementary, fifth and sixth-grade students stepped up and took responsibility in the cafeteria. Older students helped younger students with snack time and assisted in putting away tables after everyone was done.

Battle Bots

Holmes STEM Academy students participating in some fun STEM activities. During intersession, Students went to the Robot Garage in Rochester Hills where they had the opportunity to build robots to compete against each other.

New Hairdo

In Beauty with Berry club at International Academy of Flint, students learned about hair and skin care. They learned about natural hair techniques and used mannequins to practice what they learned.

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