YouthQuest Highlights: October 2020


Celebrating Afterschool

All YouthQuest sites hosted events focused around Lights On Afterschool, a yearly celebration coordinated by the Afterschool Alliance to celebrate and advocate for afterschool hours. Events ranged from drive-thru trunk or treats to drive-in movies. Students, their families and staff were excited to be able to interact with one another, even at a social distance, and had fun celebrating the season and YouthQuest’s afterschool programming.

Get Up and Moving

Students at Doyle Ryder Elementary worked with staff at the Crim Fitness Foundation to get their bodies moving each day during virtual programming. Students started off with stretching then moved on to fun games that kept their bodies moving. Parents who were available during program also hopped on to enjoy the fun and make exercise a family activity.

Writing for Change

At Southwestern Classical Academy, students in the Write On! Club expressed their views, opinions and feelings through writing. With the election coming up, students were encouraged to form their opinions and write about the candidates running for president. Students also dove into other subjects such as racism and access to education. The club helped students form opinions and learn how to express themselves through writing.

Fun with Academics

To reinforce lessons taught during day school, staff at Eisenhower Elementary incorporated fun learning games into program. Each day during an allotted time slot, students were able to play different games such as hangman, spelling bee, math-a-thon or math-ket-ball depending on where they needed extra support. This helped students keep up with their day school academics while keeping them engaged in afterschool programming.

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.