YouthQuest Highlights: October 2017


Students at Holmes Elementary got their creative juices flowing as they drew out what their ideal city would look like. They then paired up with other students to make their cities a reality using boxes. This activity taught the students how to work together while running their box cities. They also learned responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills as they worked to make sure their cities thrived.


Last month, YouthQuest was one of more than 8,000 organizations to participate in the nationwide Lights On Afterschool rally. Each site held its own event to demonstrate the importance of afterschool programs. For instance, Dye Elementary hosted a family night centered around Halloween with a science spin. With the help of vendors including Sloan Museum and SubZero Ice Cream, stations focused on hands-on STEM activities. Students made pumpkin-colored slime, flying ghosts using Alka Seltzer, pumpkin cannons and homemade lava lamps.


Every day, students in YouthQuest set time aside for physical activity. At Neithercut Elementary, some of the older students are stepping up to lead the younger students in those activities. Site leaders try to switch up the activities every day and let the students put it to a vote. The most popular activities are dodgeball, kickball and freeze tag. Once an activity is chosen, the older elementary students help Learning Guides lead the younger students through the activities, teaching them leadership skills.


The U-AR-Jag Club at Southwestern Classical Academy create business plans to sell their own products and services. To earn money for their club, the students sold candy grams during the Homecoming season and boo grams for Halloween. In doing so, the students are learning the importance of creating sustainable business proposals and profitable ideas to keep their business running.

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.