YouthQuest Highlights: July 2022

YouthQuest students on a high ropes course for the July YouthQuest highlights.
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Arts & Dance

This summer, YouthQuest provided staff support for Flint Community Schools, which hosted its own Summer Learning Experience Programs. At Pierce Elementary, students worked with Heart of Worship Dance Studio to learn about art and dance. In the program, students worked on a watercolor project where they learned how mixing different types of colors make a new color. They learned that the primary colors, red, yellow and blue, are in the color black. For dance, students worked on freestyle dance moves and were able to hype each other up and be creative.

Ye Olde Writing

Kindergarten students at South Bendle Elementary got creative with learning history. Staff crushed up blueberries, gave each student a quill, and had them practice their writing with those tools. The staff then taught the students that before pens and pencils were invented, people had to write with quills and ink instead. Not only did students learn a fun history lesson, they also practiced writing their names.

Keeping it STEM

As part of Flint Community Schools 2022 Summer Learning Experience Programs, students at Brownell STEM Academy participated in Camp Invention, which focused on STEM activities. As part of the camp, students explored science, engineering and technology by going on field trips to local museums. The field trips included the Henry Ford Museum where they were able to see early inventions; Urban Air Adventure Park, where they put their physics lessons into practice; and Frankenmuth Aerial Park, where they learned about mechanics by trying out the zip line.

Higher Learning

Students at multiple YouthQuest sites were exposed to higher learning institutions this summer by attending field trips to surrounding colleges and universities. During their visits, students were able to learn about the offerings at each institution and participate in a variety of activities. Students who visited Mott Community College worked with the staff there to design business models. Other colleges visited included Eastern Michigan University.

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.