YouthQuest Highlights: January 2023 

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Just Dance 

In January, students at Eisenhower Elementary School participated in a dance party each Wednesday. During the party, students release energy and learn new dances. Recently, YouthQuest vendor Neelam Puri attended the dance party to teach students authentic Indian dances and cover lessons on Indian culture with the students. 

Leading the Way 

Students are often given the chance to enact voice and choice through YouthQuest programs. At Doyle Ryder and Potter Elementary, this was done by letting older students become “Teacher for the Day.” During the day they were chosen to be the “teacher” students developed a lesson plan and chose materials they needed for their class. They then led a lesson with other students. This was a great opportunity for students to take charge and practice leadership.  

Buy the Way 

Each YouthQuest site runs a Youth Advisory Council (YAC), a group of students that come together to learn leadership skills and help guide plans for their site. At Holmes STEM Academy, the YAC ran the YQ Store, a place for students who receive YQ Bucks to get rewards for positive behaviors. Students earned bucks when they did things like listened during instructions or showed leadership during activities.  

Budding Artists 

At Pierce Elementary, students participated in the Art Manipulation Club. During the club, students were able to create pieces of art using nontypical items. For example, students used shaving cream and paint to make unique paintings. Students also learned basics such as sketch drawing and how to tie dye.  

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.