YouthQuest Highlights: February 2021


Do It Yourself

Students at Pierce Elementary went hands-on with a variety of projects in the DIY Club. In February, students worked on winter-themed projects such as creating a snowman pillow, fleece scarves and snow measuring sticks. Supplies for each of the craft projects were provided to students during their monthly activity packet drop-off. After creating all the projects, students were able to show off what they made during a virtual show-and-tell.

Honoring Black History

With February being Black History Month, the staff at Freeman Elementary was intentional about tying in Black history to h other aspects of YouthQuest. One interesting way the staff did this was by bringing trivia into physical fitness time. The staff asked students trivia questions about famous African American figures, and students did different exercises whether they got the question right or wrong. Students were familiar with many of the answers but learned some new things as well.

Tell Me a Story

Students at Neithercut Elementary learned how to become the next great American writers. During the Storytelling Club, students learned about story plans, developed ideas and wrote their own stories. After writing, students practiced their public speaking skills by reciting the story to the rest of the club. The club helped students by providing a creative outlet and instilling language and reading comprehension skills.

What a Trip

Although students are virtual at Eisenhower Elementary, they were still able to participate in several field trips in February. Utilizing online tools, staff guided students through virtual museum exhibits and “trips” to other countries. The best part was students got to choose where they wanted to go on the virtual field trip. These trips helped expose students to new experiences while covering history and geography lessons.

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.