YouthQuest Highlights: December 2021

YouthQuest students attend a field trip at Rollhaven Skating Rink
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Roll On

Students at Freeman Elementary School had a fun and educational field trip at Rollhaven Skating Center. While at the roller rink, students learned about music and movement. During the trip, staff at Rollhaven provided STEM lessons along with their furry assistant, the owner’s dog. The field trip also gave students a new opportunity that they may not have experienced before with roller skating and provided a physical fitness activity.

Have a Blast

Students at South Bendle Elementary School participated in a Blizzard Blast event hosted by the YouthQuest staff. During the event, students took part in hands-on winter crafts, made delicious Christmas treats and wrote letters to Santa. Students were also able to take home cookie kits to make Christmas cookies with their families at home.

Keep it Active

To practice physical fitness, Doyle Ryder and Potter Elementary students participated in a variety of activities in December. Some students played basketball as a club sport, while others participated in fun team-building activities including hula hoop and rock-paper-scissors relay races. These activities not only taught collaboration and sportsmanship, but it was also a way for students to release energy and stay active.

For Those in Need

To instill the spirit of giving during the holiday season, students at Brownell Elementary School worked together to make laundry soap to donate to Carriage Town Ministries in Flint. The local nonprofit uses the soap to clean bedding and clothing for those less fortunate. While participating in the activity, students were able to learn what it means to do things for others and were able to learn a new craft that they could do with their family at home.

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.