YouthQuest Highlight: July 2018


Growing Goodness

Students learned that gardening can be peaceful and fruitful. At International Academy of Flint Elementary, the YouthQuest Scouts Club created a Peace Garden at the school. In the garden, students learn how to grow their own vegetables and where their food comes from.

Amazed by Animals

YouthQuest students discovered different types of animals in while visiting the zoo. Various sites went to different places such as the Toledo Zoo in Ohio and Potter Park Zoo in Lansing. The students were excited to see different animals such as hippopotamuses, white tigers and kangaroos, and learn about the different habitats they live in.

For the Birds

Bird watching will increase at Eisenhower Elementary after students created bird feeders to hang in the courtyard. In Arts and Crafts Club, students were tasked with making two different styles of bird feeders which they then hung outside where they could view the various birds that visit.

Reading for a Reason

To support academic learning, YouthQuest students participated in 30-minute reading sessions each day. At Doyle Ryder Elementary, students wrote about what they learned after reading and then discussed with the class some of the things they wrote about. After discussion, students played a “Minute To Win It”-style vocabulary game to build up their reading skills.

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

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