On the Job: Kristen Hall

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Kristen Hall always knew she wanted to work in education. The TeenQuest alumni started working as a bartender after she graduated from Carman Park Baker Career Academy in 2018 but knew she hadn’t found her dream job yet.

“I was scrolling through Indeed one day and came across a job posting for KinderCare in Fenton,” says Hall. “During my interview, I used the skills I learned in TeenQuest and now I am doing what I love.”

Today, Hall works as a lead teacher at KinderCare and plans to continue her education by obtaining her teaching certificate so she can move to head teacher at the daycare facility.

“Once I get my certificate, I can move into my own classroom,” says Hall. “There is the opportunity at my workplace to continue with my goals.”

According to Hall, one of her proudest moments since TeenQuest was finding the courage to do what she loves without anything getting in the way.

What skills did you use from TeenQuest when interviewing for your position?

The main one was to ask a lot of questions and know the general questions that interviewers ask so I could be prepared.

Now that you’re in the position, what skills do you use from TeenQuest on the job?

Team building. There are times in my job when I work with a larger group of teachers, or I am working with a new teacher I haven’t met before. Using my team-building skills helps me get through those days.

What advice would you offer current TeenQuest students?

Go wherever your heart takes you and don’t let bumps in the road discourage you. I had those bumps, too, and now I am doing what I love every day!

What is one of your favorite memories from TeenQuest?

One day, our facilitator Mr. Washington was helping us complete some paperwork we had to do, and he made a joke about his grandson being named Denzel. I don’t know why but that has stuck with me all these years.

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