On the Job: Desiree’ Pearson


Carman-Ainsworth High School Senior Desiree’ Pearson is a high achiever. Throughout her high school career, she has maintained status on the honor roll and is currently on track to becoming valedictorian of her class. And on top of all of this, she works as a bank teller through a paid internship with ELGA Credit Union.

This is just the start of what she will achieve.

“I plan to attend the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business,” says Pearson. “I want to pursue a career in international business and foreign trade.”

In preparation, Pearson has taken business classes which she says ultimately led her to her position with ELGA Credit Union.

“I developed a good relationship with my business teacher,” says Pearson. “I asked about internships in the area and ELGA was recommended to me. I went through a phone interview and an in-person interview, and I started working shortly after.”

Below, find out how TeenQuest helped Pearson on her path to her current position.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love the people that I work with. It’s nice to work in an environment where the people around you want to see you succeed. And I enjoy the different people I encounter every day.

How did the lessons learned in TeenQuest help you get this position?

Interviewing was the biggest aspect I knew I wanted to do well in. I learned a lot about body language, making eye contact, preparing a solid resume and cover letter, dressing business professional and interviewing in a professional manner.

What stands out as a memorable moment in TeenQuest?

We were split off into groups and participated in one-on-one interviews where everyone watched as the students went through various questions. It gave me insight into how it would be once I was interviewing for a job.

What advice would you offer current TeenQuest students?

Don’t be fearful of pursuing a job. Figure out who you are and what qualities you can bring to that position. When you go into a job, put your best self out there.

TeenQuest and Summer Youth Initiative are made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.