On the Job: Cevannah Scott


In 2018, Cevannah Scott left her career in higher education and made the move to Columbus, Ohio to try something new.

“I had family in Columbus, and they took me in,” says Scott, who completed TeenQuest while attending Carman Ainsworth High School. “Then I was offered an opportunity to interview for a job at Discover Financial Services and I made the leap.”

And taking that chance paid off. The Oakland University graduate moved up quickly through the company starting as an account manager and working now as a team coach, helping manage a group of 20 employees.

Looking back, Scott attributes her successes thus far to the framework that TeenQuest helped her build.

“It is a very important program and it helps a lot of people,” Scott says.

Here, Scott talks with Afterschool Download about lessons learned during TeenQuest, how the current pandemic has impacted her job and more.

How did the lessons learned through TeenQuest help you on your path to your current position?

TeenQuest helped me build character. It taught me the values of showing up to work every day, making sure you are on time and properly reporting to supervisors.

What skills from TeenQuest did you use when interviewing for your current position?

I used several different tools from TeenQuest. In the program, we learned about the importance of making sure to use proper eye contact and sounding interested in the position you are going for. Another lesson that we honed in on was dressing professionally.

How has your position changed with the coronavirus pandemic?

It has changed tremendously. We went from working face-to-face to suddenly working from home. We now utilize Microsoft Teams and WebX to perform our jobs. I am now sending up to 40 emails a day to keep lines of communication open with my team. I miss the camaraderie of working in an office, but I have adapted to the change.

What advice would you offer current TeenQuest graduates?

If you get employed through Summer Youth Initiative, make sure to save the money you make in that summer if you have the means to. I saved the money I made my first year and I had a ton of money during the school year to use how I wanted to.

What have been your proudest moments since graduating TeenQuest?

Graduating from college was a very proud moment because there were many times it was difficult. Also, moving from Flint to Columbus made me proud of myself. And I was recently honored with a top award at my company.

What’s next?

There is an opportunity I am hoping to pursue at Discover to move into headquarters and work on special projects. I want to expand my knowledge to move into a leadership position and then potentially go back to school for my master’s in business administration.

TeenQuest and Summer Youth Initiative are made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

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