Meet Our New Director of Afterschool Education

Leslie Davis
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In January, Flint & Genesee Education & Talent welcomed a new director of afterschool education to the team. Leslie Davis (née Miller) has more than 20 years of experience working in education, most recently as the Title 1 coordinator for Oak Park Schools. She holds a Master of Science in educational leadership from Western Governors University, a Master of Arts in early childhood education from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Science in mathematics from Marygrove College.

Recently, the Afterschool Download editors sat down with Davis to get to know her and see what she is looking forward to in her new role.

What drew you to Flint & Genesee Education & Talent?

Being an educator for the last 23 years, I have worked in many different roles throughout the field. I was a teacher, principal, central office administrator – and through all my roles, I continually noticed we were limited to what we could accomplish in day school either because we did not have enough time or did not have enough staff. The amazing things YouthQuest does – such as exposing students to entrepreneurialism and providing enrichment activities –made me really excited for this role.

What excites you most about your new role?

Since I have started, I have spent my time meeting various groups within the organization. It is exciting to see the level of collaboration, the deep discussions around families and the dedication of individuals who have worked together for many years. When staff have conversations in meetings, it feels like a great group of people getting to have productive discussions and I am excited to be part of the group.

What do you bring to this position?

Having held various positions in education, I believe I have a keen eye when it comes to seeing the bigger picture and how all the pieces fit together.

What are you looking forward to?

I am excited to get into the schools and meet the staff on the ground. I am looking forward to being able to attend events and get back to a place where things are functioning in a way that people feel safe and can interact because connection is very important.

I look forward to working side by side with YouthQuest staff, parents and our community partners to provide our young people opportunities and support them in finding a place in the world.

What do you think people should know about you?

The reason I have dedicated 23 years of my life to education is because I believe in empowering youth. Through education, both academics and enrichment, we help navigate a journey that in some way molds young people into adults.

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