Living up to the promise: Sydney Booth

Sydney Booth first learned about the Flint Promise Scholarship program while she was attending Powers Catholic High School. The 2019 graduate is now on the verge of graduating from the University of Michigan-Flint (UM-Flint) in December of this year and it was that Flint Promise Scholarship that helped make it possible.

Booth came to UM-Flint with a strong interest in the community and economics and has turned that into a successful college career that she hopes will lead to working in the field of data analytics after graduation. With an interest in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Booth is excited at the the prospect of how this could change the business landscape and shape her career path. Currently, Booth is a student research assistant with the Office of Economic Development specializing in data analysis. She also has a position at the University of Michigan-Flint Recreation Center as a recreation and wellness ambassador, where she helps to promote the center.

How did you find out about the Flint Promise Scholarship? 

I found out about it in high school. A representative of the Flint Scholarship came and visited Powers and told us what it was about, and I met Mr. (James) Washington. He explained what the program was and what they do, and it instantly made sense to proceed with the program. 

How has that scholarship helped you? 

The scholarship has helped me tremendously. Not only financially but as an individual. It helps me professionally, and academically having a mentor like Mr. Washington. Success coaches aid me in my schoolwork, motivate me, and push me to do better, be a leader, and know what I am capable of. The impact it has had on my life is tremendous. I’m forever grateful for the program. 

What advice would you give other students who are interested in the Flint Promise Scholarship? 

Pursue it, not just because of the tremendous impact it has on you. But also embrace opportunities. Not only Flint Promise but any opportunities. Don’t hesitate to seek support when needed. Stay organized, manage time wisely, build connections with professors and peers, and prioritize both your academic and personal well-being. College is a journey of growth so just embrace it. Know that you’re strong, capable, and a leader and can make a difference.  

How do you see A.I. changing business? 

I believe it can be an aid in business operations. It can enhance efficiency and enable data-driven decision-making. I feel like it can help with smart infrastructure and public services.   

How do you see A.I. helping Flint? 

A.I. is incredible. I feel like it can be a very useful tool in a lot of workspaces in school and such, and it can have a huge impact on the city as well. 

What kind of innovations would you like to see happen in Flint?  

I know there’s a lot of money being put into the university, and they just announced the new facility for the College of Innovation Technology, which is great, so more things like that. I would like to see more sustainability done — more renewable energy solutions. 

The Flint Promise Scholarship program is a last-dollar scholarship that allows students who graduate from high school and live in the city of Flint to attend a local university or college without a large financial burden. For more information, visit