Highlights: August 2021


Off to a Great Start

YouthQuest’s newest site, Flint Cultural Center Academy, began in mid-August. During the first few weeks of programming, the site focused on team building and relationship building. Given that YouthQuest is a new program for the school, students and YouthQuest staff had a great time enjoying activities that focus on getting to know each other.

If You Can Dodge a Wrench…

At Freeman Elementary, students competed in a week-long dodgeball tournament. The tournament acted as the physical fitness component of program, during which students were able to practice sportsmanship, hand/eye coordination and teamwork. Students enjoyed competing against each other and even some of the learning guides got involved in the fun.

It’s in the Game

Students in the Gamer Tech Club at Potter Elementary have been working together to conceptualize a new game. Students were challenged to create a game that everyone in the club wanted to play. They were tasked with thinking creatively for the idea for the game and then to think critically about what they would need if they were going to develop it. For example, what would be the directions for the game, what materials would they need to build the game, etc.

A Little Help from My Friends

To support youth development, leadership and academic success, older students at Pierce Elementary were paired up with younger students to mentor and read to them. This activity not only provides learning opportunities to younger students but also gives older students the opportunity to keep their skills sharp and learn the valuable lesson of teaching someone else.