YouthQuest Highlights: 2019-2020


Bringing Science Home

At Brownell STEM Academy, students worked with Ms. Crawford with the Household Science Club. Students participated in science experiments using items they can find at home. Activities included making lemon volcanos, butter and sand slime—all projects they can recreate with their parents at home.

Reading Together

At Freeman Elementary, YouthQuest staff organized a program for all grades focused on literacy and leadership. Older students were paired with younger students as reading buddies and worked together to read stories. This program not only instilled a love for literacy, it helped students form bonds, practice leadership and practice their reading skills.

Hitting the Rink

Students and staff at Eisenhower Elementary tried something new last year, when they went on a field trip to Crystal Fieldhouse Ice Arena in Burton. Some of the attendees had never been ice skating before and were nervous to go. However, with some help from experienced peers, everyone had a great time by end of the trip. It was a great form of physical fitness and a fun enrichment activity.

Focused on Sports

At Durant-Tuuri-Mott Elementary, students were able to experience an array of sports through organized clubs. Students in third through sixth grades practiced their basketball skills and competed in games against other schools. Second grade students practiced the fundamentals of floor hockey, and girls in third through fifth grades experienced track and field with the Girls on the Run Club.

Something’s Cooking

Students at Holmes STEM Academy took the lead during the Master Chef Cooking Club. Using the Internet, they found recipes for club members to attempt during program. This promoted research skills, in addition to kitchen safety and nutrition. Additionally, students had the opportunity to practice their fractions and multiplication skills while doubling their recipes.

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.