Game Show: YouthQuest Students Test Their Knowledge


This month, YouthQuest students will have fun with the theme “Game Show.” But it’s not all about fun and games. Lessons throughout the month will also provide academic support to students.

“The activities will teach students new concepts will also reinforcing concepts covered during day school,” says Nefertari Jones, program director for YouthQuest. “For example, students will create their own version of ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ then compete against each other. The lesson aims to increase word and phrase skills.”

Other activities throughout the month include:

  • Learning how to think outside the box by creating and competing in a “Fear Factor”-style game
  • Studying spelling, adjectives and nouns while playing a “Chutes and Ladders”-style game
  • Practicing strategies by competing in a “Beat Shazam”-style game

To help extend learning at home, parents can do the following:

  • Play their own “Jeopardy”-style game using family history. This helps students learn facts about themselves while reinforcing learning and memorization.
  • Practice good participation and sportsmanship by playing board games together. Double down on the learning by playing games like Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble.

YouthQuest is made possible through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

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