Flint Promise Scholars Share Why Women’s History Month is Important

Women’s History Month began as a weeklong celebration of women in 1982, but over the years slowly evolved into a month-long focus on the powerful contributions of women beginning in 1987. The month of recognition now showcases the many invaluable contributions and achievements of women throughout American history.

“Women’s History Month is a wonderful opportunity for parents and educators alike to shine a light on how women of all kinds have worked to create the world of today,” says James Avery, director of talent and development with Flint & Genesee Education & Talent. “It was great to get the perspective of what this month means from some of our Flint Promise Scholars.”

The editorial team at Afterschool Download reached out to three current Flint Promise Scholars to get their perspectives on Women’s History Month.

Satya Randolph 

Mott Community College

 “Learning about women’s history and choosing to be an advocate for it are important factors on their own. When we talk about women’s history, we always resort back to the past issues that women have been put through and how it has made a pathway for the women of today’s world. Although there are some and will unfortunately always be some underlining issues regarding women, it is always important to learn the history behind what we could have previously still been through, in relation to what we are able to do now as a norm.”

Rae-Ahna Hernandez

University of Michigan–Flint

“I believe Women’s History Month is so important because it allows us to see what women have accomplished and what women are capable of. Not only are we able to “rediscover” great women who have made any type of difference, whether that’s within art, music, science, math, literature, or anything else, we are able to be inspired by women and learn that even if it’s a male-dominated field, a woman can still do it and do it just as good, or even better.”

Tyena Neely

University of Michigan–Flint

“Women’s History Month is a month to celebrate and recognize the women who made a change. It allows women from all over to share their stories, know that they matter, and know they can make a change.”