Employer Spotlight: TGI Direct 


TGI Direct is a direct marketing company specializing in marketing and communications materials including commercial printing, direct mail, and fulfillment. It is a business-to-business company working with clients in a variety of industries including health care, insurance, and automotive. The company has been around since 1964 and was purchased three years ago by current president and CEO Monica Weaver.  

Since acquiring TGI Direct, Weaver says the business has grown significantly – not just by numbers but in the ways it does business. One major shift at the company has been in its culture and the makeup of its employees. Weaver was intentional about adding new people with fresh ideas and different perspectives. Which is why in the past three years she has grown the number of women working at TGI Direct from 20 to 50%, and the number of minority employees from two to 20%.  

“Doing the same thing for 20 or 30 years, it stagnates you,” says Weaver. “We’ve transitioned this company from a family-run business to a growth business focused on continuous improvement, modernizing, and updating.” 

TGI Direct has various positions including information technology, project management, sales, and production jobs. Although many jobs require some experience, TGI Direct has core competencies it wants all its employees to have. These include being a self-starter, curious, and motivated, to name a few. Another major trait that every employee at TGI Direct needs is teamwork. 

“One big red flag for me is if you’re in an interview and there are a lot of ‘I’ statements,” says Weaver. “If you didn’t say anything about working with others or on a team, you won’t fit in and connect with your team members here.” 

Weaver also mentions that TGI Direct is a great fit for people who like to be challenged. The work has some seasonality to it and tends to get busier during the fourth quarter, which means all hands on deck. However, Weaver mentions that during these times employees tend to come together to get the job done.  

The team is also brought together through activities hosted by its Retention Committee. The committee hosts a variety of events throughout the year including a Bowling Outing, Golf Outing, and attending a baseball game, as well as on-site gatherings for holidays such as Halloween. 

More traditional employee benefits include a full health plan with dental and vision, a 401k with match, an on-site success coach who helps employees with issues they might face on a semimonthly basis, and a dedicated retirement consultant.  

For more information and to check out current job openings, visit TGIDirect.com.