Employer Spotlight: Miller Industries, LLC


Miller Industries, LLC has been family-owned and operated in Fenton Township since 2014. Over the past 10 years, the local company has expanded to several divisions including FlexAir, Miller Industries Representatives, Miller Fabricated Systems, MI Service Group, and MiFarmPod. Each division works to create and maintain custom manufacturing for air supply systems for HVAC, modular substations, electrical rooms, building and conveyor applications, and more.  

The company’s quick growth can be attributed to the family’s years in the industry. 

“My dad (Tom Miller) started TMI Climate Solutions in the ‘80s which we sold in 2008,” says Chad Miller, co-CEO at Miller Industries, LLC. “That is how we grew. We knew the industry and the trades, and our customers came back to us. At the end of the day, they really missed how the Miller family treated our customers and operated the business.” 

The trades are an important part of what Miller Industries does. Which is why they have multiple programs to help their employees get the training they need. Two trade programs that Miller runs with Mott Community College include structural steel and electrical. Through those programs, Miller Industries pays for tuition for the program through Mott Community College, then gives on-the-job training for employees. They also cover any additional expenses like getting a Journeyman’s card.  

Miller Industries also works with the UA Local 370 Plumbers & Pipefitters for employees that are interested in pipefitting.  

“Our pipefitters, we hire through the local 370,” says Miller. “We’ve had people who have worked here first that we’ve recommended to their apprenticeship program. Hard workers with good skills and knowledge.” 

Other jobs outside of the trades available at Miller Industries include working as a painter, assembler, or general laborer.  

Although Miller Industries hires a lot of people from the trades, Miller says that working for his company is a different experience than you traditionally get.  

“In general, in the trades, you work outside in any kind of weather,” says Miller. “What we do is the same type of work, but you are inside our building not in the cold winters or the rain. You don’t have to deal with those elements, but you get the same training.”  

At Miller Industries, the company provides traditional benefits like healthcare, 401k, and a standard vacation package. The typical schedule for employees is Monday-Thursday from 6 a.m.-4:30 p.m., however with business demand that can increase to six- or seven-day work weeks. For those long weeks, work on Fridays and Saturdays is overtime, and work on Sundays is double-time.  

For those who don’t know what their career path looks like, Miller encourages individuals to look into the trades. 

“I have been in this business for a long time and have seen great value in the trades,” says Miller. “If you don’t stay here, you can take your skills and apply them anywhere. You’ll have that trade for the rest of your life.” 

For more information on Miller Industries, LLC, and to apply, visit MILLC.com.