Employer Spotlight: Clearview Building Maintenance

For over 20 years, ClearView Building Maintenance has provided commercial janitorial services in Genesee County and surrounding areas. The local company specializes in medical facilities but has expanded to other professional buildings as well. It is a woman-owned, family-operated business that prides itself on the work it does.  

Recently, ClearView participated in a Talent Tour in partnership with Michigan Works! and the Flint & Genesee Economic Alliance, where individuals were able to learn more about the organization and what it is like to work there. 

“I always like getting out into the community if we can reach new people,” says Joselyn Gilbert, staffing coordinator for ClearView. “We had a gentleman who came in today from the event to do a working interview.” 

The reason for the Talent Tour was to help with staffing at ClearView. Currently, the local employer is looking for entry-level cleaning technicians. As an entry-level position, Gilbert says they’re looking for individuals who are detail-oriented and can put their best foot forward. Aside from that, ClearView can train any employee from the ground up. 

“Cleaning experience is great, but other avenues translate as well,” says Gilbert. “Laborers and those who work in lawn care do well. Those who have experience working on a team.” 

For employees, ClearView is a great place to work if you need a flexible work schedule. The company allows employees to have a flexible start time and work hours to help fit their lives, so they don’t miss things that are important. 

“We want you to make it to your kid’s track meet or attend that choir concert,” says Gilbert. “Additionally, if you go to school, we can work with that schedule, so you get the best of both worlds.” 

Another reason to work for ClearView is the chance for upward mobility within the organization. And Gilbert can attest to that firsthand. 

“I started as a cleaning tech three years ago and now I am the first staffing coordinator,” says Gilbert. “All of our leadership is promoted from within as of now.” 

More benefits include a financial education program that helps employees make smart decisions with their earnings and learn how to save. They also have recognition programs to celebrate employees who are doing well at their jobs. Additionally, they have perks, such as a massage therapist that comes in quarterly.  

For those interested in joining the ClearView team, check out its website at cvbminc.com