4 Core Skills Important to Genesee County Manufacturers


The next six months are shaping up to be rather busy for Android Industries. In fact, the company, which assembles automotive components, plans to nearly double its Flint Township-based workforce by April.

To fill its 120 open positions, the automotive supplier will host multiple job fairs, the next of which is scheduled for Nov. 9. To be considered for the invite-only job fair, applicants ages 18 and older must first apply for the assembler/sequencer job via the Avancez website by 5 p.m. Nov. 7. Applicants will be notified by Nov. 8 if they are selected for the job fair.

Those hired will go on to fill positions including assemblers and sequencers, which are just some of the many entry-level manufacturing positions open in Flint and Genesee County.

Interested in filling one of those job openings? Afterschool Download recently spoke with HR professionals from Android Industries and Pioneer Cabinetry to learn what skills local employers are looking for. Here are a few key insights from those conversations:


Working in manufacturing often means you’re going to be working in group settings, so interpersonal skills are imperative, according to Linda McQuillin, human resource manager at Android Industries.

“There are always going to be situations where you have to resolve problems or issues,” McQuillin says. “For example, to ensure there are no defective parts reaching our customers, you might need to work with others to fix a part.”


Producing quality products with little or no errors is important for any business, so it pays to be detail-oriented. This is especially true at Pioneer Cabinetry in Davison, where employees build and assemble custom cabinets.

“Having a good eye for detail is critical when inspecting one’s own work,” says Peggy Sharp, human resource manager at Pioneer. “Depending on an employee’s role, they could be looking for correct size, color variations, scratches or wood imperfections.  It’s important that they remain focused and on task.”


Production suffers when employees skip work or show up late, so manufacturers value reliability. This holds true for everyone, regardless of whether they work first shift or third.

“We want people who have a good ethic and drive to work,” says McQuillin, who prefers that job applicants have at least six months experience on a production line. That said, experience is not required; the organization is willing to train.

Additionally, a good place to gain experience is at nearby Pioneer Cabinetry, which often hires recent high school graduates.

“If your resume shows that you have been active in sports, school clubs, or community service – all while maintaining good grades along the way — it demonstrates some key skills that we look for,” Sharp says. “It shows us that you’ve got drive and dedication, which is what we like to see in employees on the production floor.”


The employees who shine on the job are the ones who are focused and show initiative, according to Sharp.

“We like to see employees who aren’t afraid to ask questions, assist with additional duties and strive to keep up with the production pace,” Sharp says. “Someone that demonstrates motivation stands out.”

At Android Industries, employees who demonstrate initiative and strong communication skills are often the ones who move up in the company, says McQuillin.

“There are a lot of growth opportunities here,” she adds. “We’re always looking for our next team leaders and managers, and we utilize these entry-level positions to fill those roles.”

To learn more about entry-level job openings at Android Industries, click here. Pioneer Cabinetry shares its openings on Indeed.com.

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