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Dear Parents,

YouthQuest is one of the area’s most exciting and comprehensive free afterschool programs. YouthQuest provides the support your student needs to EXCEL, new experiences to EXCITE their imagination and an opportunity to EXPLORE the world through:

Academic Support

YouthQuest gives students that added boost to excel academically. Research shows students who attend high-quality afterschool programs, like YouthQuest, have higher scores on standardized tests, fewer disciplinary problems and improved school attendance.

Students using a laptop participating in Enrichment Activities

Enrichment Activities

Arts influence and shape a child’s development in many ways: academically, socially and emotionally, by fostering creativity, critical thinking and inventiveness.

Rock Climbing for Health

Healthy Behaviors

YouthQuest helps students explore sports including golf, kayaking and team sports and learn about nutrition and where food comes from. Physical fitness and healthy eating can benefit students’ health and academic performance.

Student Using a Camera

Youth Leadership

YouthQuest students excel in life because of the opportunities they have to develop important life skills, build confidence through leadership and explore technology and careers.

YouthQuest students attended the YQBiz Fair, where they put their financial literacy to test as they spent their earned money to participate in activities such as movie clips, inflatables, art projects, games and more at Dort Financial Center.

Family and Community Engagement

A key area of focus for YouthQuest is volunteerism and civic engagement, teaching students to look beyond themselves and learn about how they can make a difference in their community and their country.